7 Important Qualities to Showcase in an Interview

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1. Show that you’re willing to bet on yourself. Entrepreneurs (and employees who think like them) constantly look for ways to increase their income, profits and growth. In other words, they bet tomorrow’s paycheck on today’s ideas and effort.

2. Pay attention to your body language. Don’t forget that interviewers will be paying attention to your posture and to how you move. Keep in mind that when people sit erect and lean slightly forward, they’re indicating engagement and interest.

3. Talk about your mistakes. Houlihan and Harvey advise you not to shy away from talking about your biggest mistake and what you did about it. In particular, describe how you took responsibility, fixed the mistake quickly and went on with your project instead of succumbing to a victim mentality.

4. Present evidence of resourcefulness. You may be asked to talk about how you solved a problem when you lacked the time, support, or funds you needed. For most busy, strapped-for-cash students, this shouldn’t be too hard!

5. Be prepared to sell your services. According to Houlihan and Harvey, candidates with entrepreneurial DNA will treat employers like a prospect for their services. They know that the best sales pitch is, “I can help you sell your product.”

6. Show that you can work on a team. Contrary to popular opinion, entrepreneurs are not loners. Realistically, they know that they must build, depend on and be an essential part of a team.

7. Demonstrate your attentiveness and organization. Your interviewer will probably tell you about what the job entails, who you will be working with and why, how the job supports the customer experience, how the company is organized, and/or performance expectations. Pay close attention, and use this information to write a thoughtful thank-you note within 24 hours of your interview.

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