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A change would do you good

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Want a new you? All it takes is a plastic surgeon or two, a cosmetic dentist, some laser eye surgery, a hair transplant specialist, a team of stylists, a personal trainer, countless surgical procedures, hours of work, and, voila, you#ve had a makeover!

And what a makeover # you#ll never forget it for as long as you live, even though you may wish to. If you#re not quite ready for such a life-changing experience, you don#t have to go under the knife to be a swan. Some of the easiest things to change can also make the biggest difference in your appearance.


With the makeover craze on TV right now, more people are wanting to improve their looks. A new hairstyle is an easy and inexpensive way, says Mycheal Hamlin of Salon 124.

According to Cathie Kobsa, co-owner of Salon Greco, it#s very important to have a haircut that#s suited to your facial shape. #The wrong haircut on an oval shape can make a client#s face appear round or oblong,# said Kobsa. #We used to have clients come to us, wanting a certain celebrity#s hair style, but it never looked right on them because it wasn#t suited to their face.#

But you can tweak a trend to personalize for your face, says Hamlin. Using the right tools and products are key to achieving the style you desire.

When seeking a new you,

it#s also important to think about your hair texture and styling abilities. It#s not a good idea to pick something that doesn#t work with your hair or your lifestyle, says Julie Manley, of Studio 93. For instance, if you#re a working mom, you don#t have the time for a style that takes 30 minutes to do so, work within your parameters.


Not quite ready for the likes of #Nip and Tuck# but want a body that feels years younger? Start with the spa treatment.

A deep pore cleansing from Patrick#s of Atlanta will help keep your cells healthy and

clarify your skin. #We also do microdermabrasion, which goes down seven layers and removes fine lines, aging spots and

treats acne,# said Sandra Coffey of Patrick#s.

And don#t forget about your legs # they deserve a makeover too! End the never-ending

task of shaving with laser hair removal. Joseph Michael#s Day Spa offers Intense Pulsed Light technology that removes hair permanently without needles, injections or painful side effects, so you can kiss your razors good bye. But don#t stop there. If you#ve been hiding your legs because of unsightly veins, it#s time to show them off again. VeinInnovations, Atlanta#s leading expert on having great legs for life, can treat vein problems through a variety of traditional and state-of-the-art treatments that provide minimally invasive, virtually pain-free techniques.


Like icing on the cake, the right clothes are the finishing touch. So, lighten up a bit, dress young at heart, says Mary Ann Jarusinski of Uptown Girl. Discover a style that makes you feel great and then find something about yourself that you love and show it off.

#There are different ways of dressing # illusion dressing which hides figure flaws and dressing to define a style or overhaul an image. And you can achieve both with some help,# said Jarusinski.

Here are her tips:

” Go funk! Stuffy styles

add years.

” Black is always back. Wear a fabric that doesn#t have much of a sheen. Black absorbs light, and, as long as the garment fits well, you#ll instantly look a couple of pounds lighter.

” Skim your body # don#t paint your clothes on! If you can#t stick a credit card into the pocket of your jeans without too much trouble, your pants are too tight. Give in and wear the next size.

” Add an inch to your heels and raise yourself to higher levels.

” For the illusion of longer legs, always be sure that your pants break over your shoe instep.

Kobsa#s suggestions for

your facial shape:

” Oval # It#s the most common and flattering face shape. Adding texture and exaggerating the color contrast is recommended. Most cuts and style

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