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A place for fellas on a budget

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From media rooms to cigar rooms, men are certainly taking the initiative to "man up" their homes with the growing popularity of the "dude room." In fact, the DIY Network has created a hit television show called Man Caves. The show is based on the premise that "every guy needs a space to call his own – a sanctuary where boys can be boys."

If you are looking to create a manly space of your own, check out these tips from the show.

  • Before you begin, walk through the space and visualize what you want your "man cave" to look like.
  • Pick an object for inspiration.
  • Measure your space (length, width, height) and transfer these measurements to graph paper.
  • Make a list of materials needed. Make sure you leave yourself an allowance of 10-15 percent for unforeseen costs. There will be some!
  • Make a list of all the tools you will need. Whatever you don”t have, borrow from friends or rent from a local store.
  • If your build requires plumbing, electrical or HVAC work, contact licensed professionals for their input or services. Get a signed quote before they start.
  • Before you start your build, make a step-by step list of what needs to be done in order.
  • Ask friends and family with building skills to help.
  • Set goals and a time frame.

Christi Tullis, vice president and lead interior designer at Ambiance Interiors, says she”s designed about 25 man spaces and 40-50 basements in Gwinnett. She has some additional money saving ideas for "man caves."

Tullis says you can save money by using what you already own. For example, you can jazz up an old pool table with paint and felt to give it a brand new look. She recommends enlarging photos as an inexpensive way to create artwork. "It”s also a good idea to use commercial-grade carpet squares, which are easy to replace," she adds.

Baseballs, billiard balls and sports items that a person owns can easily be incorporated into the room. "We usually only give men the basement or the garage…at least that”s what my husband jokes," Tullis says. "They should at least be fun spaces to hang out."

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