A Singlular Focus: Medical Specialty Centers

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Whether found on a hospital campus, at an offsite location or offered through an independent practice, medical specialty centers are transforming how patient care is delivered in and around Gwinnett.

Gwinnett”s geographic and population size, coupled with the realities of area traffic, present a unique challenge. The premier medical providers serving Gwinnett County and surrounding communities understand this, and have adapted their delivery systems to meet consumer needs – with the singular focus of a specialty center.

Modern medicine has created a need for this specialization, which enables quicker diagnoses and treatments, speedier patient recoveries, reduced infection rates and improved long-term outcomes.

Yet, when facing a medical problem that requires specialty treatment, most of us are treading into unfamiliar territory. It is only natural to be anxious about a diagnosis, meeting a new medical team, learning about treatment plans and recovery times, dealing with insurance issues, as well as stressing over the impact to our daily schedules. Primary care doctors are the vital link between patients and physician specialists. Having expert health care services close by is a wonderful referral incentive for local doctors.

Specialized Knowledge and Care
"Offsite diagnostic, rehabilitative and surgical facilities affiliated with a healthcare organization provide excellent benefits," explains Adrienne Hollis, director of marketing and communications for Gwinnett Medical Center. "At these specialized centers, clinical staff can provide a higher level of medical knowledge and expertise within their specialized areas."

When focused on the unique requirements of a medical specialty and its patient population, these centers tailor services that cater to their customers. For example, patients may find it more convenient to go to Gwinnett Medical Center”s new Hamilton Mill Imaging Center for X-rays versus registering at the hospital and going through a lengthier process. Women needing a compassionate, trained resource to help them with apparel and accessories specific to their health conditions may find the Gwinnett Women”s Pavilion Boutique a welcome ‘one stop shop” where explanations are unnecessary.

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