Anterior Approach for Hip Replacement: Innovative Technique for Immediate Results

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Years of constant motion, heavy lifting and stress can do a number on your hips. But now, doing something about it doesn’t require drastic surgery or a long, painful recovery.

The anterior approach for total hip replacement, one of the most recent innovations in joint replacement surgery, is an innovative, tissue-sparing alternative to traditional hip replacement surgery that offers the potential for less pain, faster recovery, reduced risk of dislocation and improved mobility because the muscle tissues remain secure during surgery. In addition, this procedure’s technique allows for a relatively small incision, minimalizing scarring.

Resurgens Orthopaedics physicians Dr. Mary Jo Albert and Dr. Raymond Hui were the first surgeons in the area to learn and perform anterior approach hip replacements. “In orthopaedics, we are always looking for methods to simplify and accelerate recovery,” said Dr. Albert. “The anterior approach may shorten recovery time by allowing patients to regain a normal walking gait more quickly than with traditional hip replacement.”

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