At Lanier Valley Dentistry, it”s “Quality Over Quantity”

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From the moment you step inside the office of Lanier Valley Dentistry, you”re in good hands. Ease back into one of the big, plush dental chairs. Pick out a television show or movie from their vast, on-demand selection. Then, let the staff from this family-run practice do the work they love: Taking care of you.

“Our customer service is hard to beat,” said Dr. Colin P. Lentz, DDS, a third generation dentist. “We take our time with each patient. As a practice, we aim for quality over quantity.”

A variety of quality services means less need for out-of-office referrals. “We do absolutely stunning cosmetic work here,” Lentz said. “In addition to the beautiful crown, implant, bridge and veneer work, we also do a number of specialty procedures in-house. This allows our patients to stay here in the office with us.”

Whether it”s a routine cleaning or a cosmetic procedure, patients of Dr. Lentz will always find the atmosphere inside the office clean and well organized. “We pride ourselves on being very, very clean here,” Lentz said. “That”s a big priority.”

It”s principles like these that Lentz learned from his family heritage and during his time in Hawaii serving his country as a commissioned dentist for the U.S. Navy. There, he completed oral surgery, endodontic and prosthodontic rotations. He was also certified in basic and acute cardiac life support and earned credentials in all privileges that a general dentist could assume in the military.

A rich and varied dental back- groundand his family roots helped lay the groundwork for what is The Lanier Valley Dentistry Family. “My wife (Leslie) and I came here, found an office, opened it from scratch, and made it our own” Lentz said. “We love what we do.” Call and become part of the Lanier Valley Dentistry Family today!


Lanier Valley Dentistry
3625 Braselton Highway #102
Dacula, GA 30019
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