Be Radical for Cancer Awareness

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Rhonda and Jarod, 2009

Heroes Project Update: Rhonda and Jarod Mainland

Both our 2009 Heroes, Rhonda and her son, Jarod Mainland, are fighters. They have both battled the ups and downs of the dreaded disease know as cancer and won.# Rhonda, a breast cancer survivor, and Jarod, medulloblastoma (brain tumor) cancer survivor, are happy to report they are now both cancer free. “Jarod and I have done very well over the past year. Jarod has progressed to the fourth grade and loves it,” says Rhonda.

Jarod has received regular checkups every three months until this past February where now he will only receive MRI scans and checkups every six months. “This is good! Jarod is two years off treatment and getting better every day!” She continues, “His balance is better and his speech has improved, which allows him to be much more understandable.”

Rhonda and Jarod, 2011

The Mainland family tries to stay active in community projects that support cancer research. “We are involved with childhood cancer organizations that support childhood cancer research,” says Rhonda. And on March 11, Rhonda will being doing something a little radical for cancer – “I will be at Fado”s Irish Pub for St. Baldrick”s Day to shave my head in an effort to raise money for childhood cancer research. It should make for an interesting new look!”

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