Be the Best You

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by Kimberly Fowler

As a society, we are always looking to better ourselves.Whether you want to change your eating and sleeping habits or take time to relax more, we strive to be happier, healthier and better human beings because we always see room for improvement in our lives. Even if you are happy with your life and yourself, sometimes a change can be exciting and needed to prevent you from getting stuck in a lifestyle rut. Bettering yourself can lead to more happiness, rejuvenation and even new and exciting goals!

Most of the time, it is easy to pinpoint the elements in your life you can change to be a better you. If you are seeing your teeth dull from their normal white, think about visiting your dentist for a cleaning. Are you feeling bored of your wardrobe? Go out and get new pieces to liven up your style! Although it is easy to start with the how we look, being better to your body as a whole will allow you to feel happier and healthier from the inside out. Not feeling energetic during the day? Add more hours of shut-eye. Are headaches coming more often? Drink at least the recommended eight glasses of water a day and look into relaxing activities like yoga. Physical and mental health go hand-in-hand when you”re looking to change your lifestyle for the better.

Once you start looking good and feeling great, how you see yourself and your self-confidence, mood and attitude will increase by ten-fold. This chain reaction will also positively affect your relationships, work ethic and goals in life. Being the “best you” is different for everyone, so whether it”s a hair trim or eating more spinach, find what makes you happy and healthy and start living your best life now!

Remember to have fun!
Partake in your favorite hobbies and activities to stay creative and happy.

Invest in invisible braces
Whether you worry about the hardships that come with metal braces or want to keep your teeth straightening process less noticeable, Invisalign® is a great alternative for straight and beautiful teeth. With a clear, virtually-invisible plastic aligner, Invisalign allows you to eat and drink whatever you want as well as maintain a normal lifestyle.

Take a break from dieting
Dieting fads come and go, but the desire to get healthy and detox your body never leaves one”s mind. Instead of restricting the amount of food you consume until you feel or look the way you want, try changing your lifestyle. Try cutting out processed food or adding in more fruits and vegetables to your normal diet and see where the feeling takes you.

Track your food on the go
Your daily calendar, grocery list and job search can all be stored and controlled on your smart phone, so why not your personal health as well? Personal food tracker apps allow you to count calories, record exercise routines and show daily progress.

Eat right!
To feel better from the inside out, add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.

FitBits help you stay a bit fit
What if you could look down at your wrist to see your health status? That”s exactly what FitBits allows you to do with a revolutionary bracelet that keeps track of your activity, food, weight, and sleep each and every day. For those wanting to change their lifestyle routine or simply get a better understanding of how their body works, FitBits gives you detailed knowledge of your activity throughout the day. Seeing statics today will motivate you to improve tomorrow!

Bronze the healthy way
With the rising call for society to wear higher SPF during sun exposure, the dream of a golden complexion seems like a distant fantasy. False! For around $35 at many spas or salons, you can get glowing bronze skin without the danger of permanently damaging your skin. With immediate results and minimal effort, spray tans are becoming more and more popular.

Boost confidence!
Feeling better inside and out can make you feel better about yourself and your life.

Update your vision prescriptions
Did you know for adults over 18, eye exams should be conducted every two years, and for those over 60 they should be performed annually? Wearing the wrong prescription eyeglasses or contacts can cause vision to significantly worsen over time. Keeping up with your eyes” needs will preserve health, and getting new glasses or switching to contacts can change your look or style every few years, too.

Botox® for your body
Generally recommended to be used as a preventive measure, Botox® is most effective for treatment on those wrinkles that haven”t set in yet. Studies have shown these injections can also help with migraines, stopping the production of sweat, arthritis, overactive bladders, and muscle spasms. From crow”s feet to headaches, Botox® is one option to keep you feeling and looking younger.

Pamper Yourself!
Indulge in a spa day, manicure or massage to recharge.

Overdue for a Wardrobe Redesign?
If you”ve ever heard the saying “dress to impress,” make sure you are trying to impress yourself first! Wearing clothes that make you feel confident, comfortable and happy is the most important part of dressing well. Find styles that fit your body type, and you can see yourself wearing often. Not sure where to start your style transformation? Go through your closet and dresser to donate what you don”t want and rediscover your collection!

Take daily multivitamins
It”s hard to stick to a strict diet of eating exactly the right servings from the food pyramid, but that doesn”t mean you have to sacrifice your health. Multivitamins can help children to adults over 65 get more balance and nutrition in their daily lives. Taking daily multivitamins each day can decrease your body”s nutrient deficiency and help prevent disease and sickness all year round.

Detox and start eating clean
With copious amounts of coffee and vending machine potato chips, your body needs a clean slate. Detox smoothies and juices have been talked about often in the last few years, and the benefits of trying these all-natural beverages includes giving our detoxifying organs a break as well as feeling less sluggish.

Take five!
Set aside time every day to relax and calm your mind and body.

Laser Hair Removal can be a life saver
It”s estimated that over the course of a lifetime of shaving, the average person will spend over $5,000 on shaving cream, razors and waxingsupplies and waste a total of about 70 days removing hair. That”s a few months of your life you can never get back! Laser hair removal saves you time and money by using laser technology to destroy the hair follicle. With several laser hair removal sessions, your skin can be smooth the rest of your days!

Beat Boring Workouts
One of the mostcommon reasons we don”t stick to a workout routine is because sometimes it can just be plain boring. The lack of excitement leads to a decrease in motivation to get the recommended 30 minutes of movement every day. Instead of forcing yourself on the treadmill time after time, look into other options!

Are you in a war with water?
Water is one of those elements of a healthy lifestyle that helps you to look good and feel great. With the recommended serving of at least eight glasses a day, water improves the look of every aspect of your body as well as helping with digestion, bloating and fatigue.

Brush up!
Keep those pearly whites sparkling for a more confident smile.

Make Hobbies a Priority
You know the routine: get home from work, summon just enough energy to fix dinner, sit on the couch and watch TV until it”s time for bed. Whether that is a normal evening for you or you are running around to pick up the kids from practice, you never seem to get enough time to do the things you love. Keeping hobbies such as sports, writing, painting, or grabbing coffee with friends alive will ensure you don”t get depressed or get stuck in a monotonous routine. Make time every week or even day to do the activities you love!

Rejuvenate your face
From sun damage to make up to forgetting to wash your face daily, the skin on your face takes a lot of hits during your routine. Getting a facial gives your face time to get refreshed and ready for the days ahead. Most facials include a consultation, cleansing, an analysis of your skin, a steam treatment, exfoliation, extractions to clear the skin of any blemishes, massage, and end with a face mask.