Budget Apps You Can Bank On

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by Kim Marks

Put your smartphone to work for you. Be sure to download your bank or credit union”s mobile apps. But if you”re looking for other ways to stay fiscally fit, here are five FREE, popular apps to help you keep track of expenses, upcoming bills or to make payments whenever and wherever you may be!

iOS and Android
Want a snapshot of your financial picture? Featuring a monthly calendar format, this app tracks income and daily expenses with color-coded categories, offering an at-a-glance peek of spending habits. Benefit from further cross-format functionality by activating the apps” PIN-optional code protection.

iOS, Android and Windows
Looking for an easy way to manage your business expenses and create expense reports? With this easy to navigate app you can scan receipts, track mileage and through its web interface, link to your debit and/or credit card to manage balances and even send invoices.

Level Money
iOS and Android
Eager for a K.I.S.S. budgeting system? This no-frills, straightforward app is a great tool for keeping you living within your means – even giving you a daily spending amount. With simple analytics, the app links to your bank account to display daily, weekly and monthly cash flow.

iOS, Android and Windows
Ready for a simple way to manage all your finances? From a central location, track all your bank and credit card accounts with this app. This one-stop shop allows you to categorize transactions, set reminders and low-balance alerts, and easily sync cross-platform.

iOS and Android
Need to split the bill with friends? This app features a Facebook-type interface that easily allows you to send funds among friends in your social network with no more than five clicks once linked to your bank account. When using a credit card, there is a three-percent transaction fee.

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