Building a Legacy: Georgia Gwinnett College

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Not too many colleges have the benefit of strategically planning for future growth from scratch. And most colleges don”t typically find themselves building all of their key facilities within just a few short years, nor do they experience the kind of dramatic enrollment growth seen at Georgia Gwinnett College.

Then again, Georgia Gwinnett College is not like most colleges. The four-year, liberal arts institution is currently constructing about 589,000 square feet in new buildings and residence halls to accommodate a predicted growth of about 5,000 additional students over the next two years. Georgia Gwinnett College”s rapid expansion and proactive planning add to the school”s reputation for taking an innovative approach to education.

Located just off Highway 316 in Lawrenceville, Georgia Gwinnett College opened in the fall of 2006 with just 118 students. The college was built upon the site of the former Gwinnett University Center, a satellite campus that offered classes from Georgia Perimeter College and the University of Georgia. The University Center was phased out, and Georgia Gwinnett College became the nation”s first four-year, publicly funded college created in the 21st Century, and the first new, four-year college established in Georgia in more than 100 years.

The Campus of Tomorrow
Georgia Gwinnett College prides itself on its adaptation of modern technology to active learning, and is known as "The Campus of Tomorrow." For starters, the college emphasizes mobile learning. Classroom instruction at Georgia Gwinnett College incorporates the latest in technology, including overhead digital projectors and built-in recorders that can capture lectures and save them to a Web site or email. The college is incorporating even more technology in its repertoire with audiovisual enhancements in its new library study rooms and incorporating touch screen technology in the upcoming Student Center.

"All of our classrooms are equipped with digital technologies," said Lonnie Harvel, vice president of Educational Technology. "What makes GGC unique is how our faculty use these technologies in support of active learning and student engagement. Our faculty even have dedicated cell phones so students can contact them anytime for questions or advice."

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