Buy Local in Gwinnett

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Wouldn”t it be nice to know where all of your food comes from? To meet the person who grew the carrots you serve for dinner and even visit their farm to see how they plant and reap the fresh produce that you like to eat? In Gwinnett now, all of that is possible. There”s a whole network of farmers and farmers” markets that make up the county”s little-known local food movement.

Gwinnett”s local food movement is comprised of a network of 10 local farms, “backyard farmers” and farmers” markets in Lawrenceville, Suwanee, Norcross, Duluth, Auburn and Lilburn. According to the owner of Lawrenceville”s Phoenix Gardens and the man behind a lot of these farmers” markets, Brennan Washington, the local food movement in Gwinnett is steadily growing, with more farmers, gardeners and community members getting involved and spreading the word.

“Gwinnett has a very active local food movement,” says Washington. “It”s quiet and not as well-known publicly as the Atlanta food movement, but the farmers” markets are so well received.”

So what exactly is a local food movement? It”s a community-based effort that focuses on locally grown food and supports responsible land development. Local food movements eliminate the need for trucks, gas and shipping materials associated with purchasing produce at a grocery store, benefits the local economy, and creates the opportunity for farmers to meet the people who eat their food and vice versa.

“There are many reasons that the local food movement is so important. People are turning to local food because of food safety issues, sustainability and it helps the local economy,” says Washington. “Children should know where their food comes from and the local food movement ties the community together.”

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