Carnival of Animals

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The Hudgens Center for the Arts and the Children”s Arts Museum are having a Carnival of Animals this summer.

Eighty original illustrations of animals from some of the world”s best-loved children”s books are on display in the Children”s Gallery, the Kistner Atrium, and the Education Gallery. These delightful images make a wonderful visit for parents and children to experience together, and they will be on view until the beginning of August.

From the 1880s, we have some of the original sketches for Caldecott”s Mother Goose! There is also a 1930″s original pencil drawing of Disney”s Pluto, original art for The Ugly Duckling, and hundreds of cats going to St. Ives.

Each piece of artwork tells a story, and each is beautifully presented at kid”s eye level (Mom and Dad will have no trouble seeing the artwork perfectly!)

The entire Hudgens Center is open this summer Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.. Saturdays are Super Special as they are Target Super Saturdays featuring either a live performance or a special one of a kind art project in the Butterfly Studio. Admission is $5 for everyone over age 3.

Bring your whole family for a visit. Sit in the cool, quiet atmosphere of the galleries or storm across the Grand Hall playing dress-up and painting faces! Read to your children or create a take-home art project. Visit the serenity of the Week Sculpture Garden or wander our gift shops-for adults AND kids!

The Carnival of Animals beckons you to come in out of the heat and cool off with our special beastly friends! For more information call 770-623-6002.

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