Challenging Students to Think Outside the Box

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Buford City Teacher of the Year

After some encouragement from his wife (a Buford city native), Patrick Logan applied to work for Buford City Schools in 2007 and has been there ever since.

“Once you’ve worked here, it’s not something you ever want
to leave.”

Logan teaches first grade and serves as a co-teacher with a special education instructor. He was also named this year’s
Buford City Schools Teacher of the Year.

“I’m just a reflection of the excellence of Buford City Schools,” says Logan. “To me, the honor was in sharing this experience with everyone who has influenced
me and continue to influence me every day.”

Logan’s unconventional teaching method emphasizes collaboration and team work. He attributes the inspiration behind
his methodology to a former teacher who he says, “Could have told us what to do, but instead, guided us.”

He challenges his students and teaches them how to critically think along the way. “The one thing they’re going to take with them is the ability to think and problem solve,” says Logan. “I enjoy getting them to think outside the box.”

What separates Logan from the rest is his ability to understand the individual needs of each student. “Every child has something you can build on, and if you don’t find out what that is, you won’t be able to enrich them,” he says.

Ultimately, Logan just wants his students to enjoy what they do. He allows his students to take risks and later, reap the rewards of discovering a new way of
doing things.