Children choosing art

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Do you recognize when art speaks to your child? Regardless of age, soul-deep bonds develop when kids select their own art. Starting an art collection for your child is way to encourage his or her creative expression and provide them pieces they”ll treasure for a lifetime.

It stands to reason that children have strong ideas about art. After all, from an early age, kids are very opinionated about their clothes and how to decorate their rooms. Overstated, but true, art is subjective. The reason one art form appeals to you may motivate another to walk away from it. What speaks to your child”s inner muse?

Exhibiting color preferences, becoming energized by simplicity or chaos, gravitating to certain subjects – each example demonstrates your child”s style preference. Do you cultivate it? Do you overrule it? You probably do both. When choosing artwork, should you allow kid instinct to trump parental preference? Absolutely!

First, however, you need to better understand what lights your child”s inner fire. The world around us is an ever-changing composition. Observe how your child reacts to everyday objects. Find out why your child likes something. Once you recognize these creative clues, you”re ready to start an art collection – together!

Getting started is easy

  • You can begin your search at local art festivals. Many communities and schools promote family-friendly artevents.
  • Establish your budget up front.
  • As you stroll among the exhibits, seewhat captivates your child. Encourage your child to speak with the artists and learn stories about the art.
  • If necessary, steer your child to similar work that fits your budget, whether original art or reproductions.
  • Be prepared to let your child choose the art and make plans to quickly display it.

That treasured piece, whether the first in the collection or an addition, will follow your child through countless room redo”s, into adulthood, and could possibly become a family heirloom.

Lilburn artist Kim Marks paints whimsical watercolors that appeal to kids of all ages. Having started her own art collection at an early age, Kim developed an innovative watercolor technique when creating artwork that would “grow with” her own children.

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