Confessions of a Real Bride-To-Be

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Writer and completely stress-free bride-to-be Melissa Booraem is now just days away from her wedding to Art Gwozdz to be held at the Grand Floridian Resort at Walt Disney World.

Dress shopping is exhausting.

Typically, a consultant you”ve known less than five minutes is in the room helping you try on dresses. And she wants to know, "What do you think?" before she”s even got the back zipped. I learned several things from these experiences. 1.) Don”t try on a dress just because the consultant likes it. A consultant in Atlanta told me if I didn”t buy a dress with ruching, I wouldn”t find a wedding dress this year. Yeah right! 2.) There is no set percentage of your wedding budget that your dress has to be. If you”d rather spend less on the dress and more on entertainment, do it! 3.) You can often get the same discount they offered you the first day you were there on your second trip to the shop. You must play the game, though, and act like you”re still trying to decide.

It takes time to get everything accomplished.

Before I started the wedding planning process, I never understood how it could possibly take so long to taste some cake and pick out a dress. I highly recommend using a coordinator, particularly if you aren”t someone that lives and dies for planning a wedding. I”m just not one of those girls. I can”t wait to be married to my fianc?, but at the same time, I won”t be sinking into post-wedding depression blues when the planning process is over.

People ask a lot of questions.

When you”re a bride-to-be, the only thing people talk to you about is your wedding. I decided early on that I wasn”t going to disclose every detail of my wedding. I learned to smile and tell people about what I decided not to do rather than dishing out all the details.

You”ll hear lots of opinions.

People will have opinions about every single choice you make. Trust me. I”ve heard them all. The important thing to remember is the day will be magical for you and your fianc? because you”ll finally be married. In the end, you”ll discover the whole process was worth it when you see how beautiful everything looks on your wedding day.

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