Coping After the Loss of a Child

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LossThe most devastating thing that can happen to a parent is the loss of a child. The grief these parents feel is not only painful, but also profoundly disorienting.

The following advice can help bereaved parents cope with their child”s death and continue on the road to inner peace.

No Time Table on Grieving: Bereaved parents may feel a number of different emotions.# You must know that it”s okay to take time away to seek help and deal with your loss.

Take Care of Yourself: Remember, your health is important to you and your loved ones. Always eat something every day, drink plenty of fluids, and try to get a full night”s sleep.

Find a Support Network: Look for a group that”s specifically for parents grieving the loss of a child. You”ll be around parents with similar experiences and receive better tools for coping with and understanding your loss.

Celebrate Your Child”s Life: A child”s absence will always hold an element of sadness, but the joy of#wonderful memories is even more powerful. You may find great comfort in creating a memorial for your child. Take care not to make your home a shrine, though. You must give yourself room to accept the loss and continue your life.

Appreciate What You Have: You can”t know what the future will bring, so take every opportunity to fully embrace the present with your loved ones.

Support Groups in Gwinnett:
Gwinnett Medical Center”s Perinatal Loss Support Group
678-312-4846 or 678-312-4713

The Compassionate Friends

Grief Share

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