Coulter’s success inspires family to go to college

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Engagement made all the difference for Candice Coulter, class of 2015.

From a family of modest means, she faced challenges that discouraged her love of learning. Two of her uncles were even murdered on her street. Her family struggled to make ends meet, moving from place to place, eventually coming to Georgia. Encouraged by her mother, she enrolled at GGC, which accepted her despite her inconsistent academic record.

At GGC, faculty and staff engaged with Coulter, assisting her to find inspiration to stay in college and be the first member of her family to earn a bachelor’s degree. She served in student government and other clubs. A biology major, she studied tropical biology in Ecuador and Costa Rica. She has been accepted into the Peace Corps, and plans to go to graduate school and pursue a career in medical research.

Better yet, Coulter’s experience at Georgia Gwinnett inspired six younger members of her family to all enroll at GGC – transforming her family’s future for generations.