Create, Collaborate and Connect

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Eddie Owen believes good music comes from life. It comes from heartache and love. It comes from joy and pain. It longs for respite in our darkest hours. It explodes with jubilation in our happiest moments. The emotion is real in every note.

It doesn”t come from glossed-up American Idols who cater to the whims of a judge. It isn”t born of greedy intentions. It isn”t mindlessly manufactured.

Good music has got “glue,” Eddie says.

It”s this idea and push that”s helped forge a partnership between Gwinnett School of Music, City of Duluth and Eddie Owen Presents to create Red Clay Music Foundry.

Above all else, the foundry is a home for musicians to “create, collaborate and connect.”

Featuring workshops, master classes, concerts and more than 3,500 square feet of studio space, the Red Clay Music Foundry is a haven for the musically inclined, but the benefi extend to many others.

Specifially, the City of Duluth reaps the rewards of having a venue like Red Clay. It”s the “anchor of our nighttime economy,” says Chris McGahee, Duluth”s economic development manager.

Mayor Nancy Harris says having the venue and music foundry in Duluth is a point of pride. “Duluth is establishing itself as an arts destination,” Nancy says. “We”re really focused on that. Eddie Owen has also helped us understand the importance of a music venue to the economic development of our downtown area.”

Eddie offers “kudos to the City of Duluth for having the foresight in wanting to be branded as a city that welcomes musicians.”

So long as the Red Clay Music Foundry is around, Eddie says, musicians “will square feet of studio space, the Red have a place where they can feel safe… and surrounded by like minded writers, listeners, and volunteers. It”s a place where musicians young and old can acquire skills and pay it forward as well. That”s the beauty of it.”

In providing such a welcoming environment, he adds, we can “disrupt what we”re seeing as the norm right now in the music industry. And we can help those artists along, who want to put life back into music.”

Red Clay Music Foundry is located in the lower level of Red Clay Theatre on 3116 Main St., Duluth.

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