CSX Moving Residents” Opinions

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Slated to begin construction late this summer, the yard has caused concern among local residents.

CSX officials were surprised at the amount negative feedback they were hearing from locals. "The initial surprise was not the opposition, but what they were basing the opposition on, " said CSX representative Craig Camuso. " We realized we hadn”t done as good a job as we should have in educating and since that time we”ve been making those efforts."

As a part of those efforts, CSX hosted an open house at the Auburn City Hall this past Monday, allowing residents to ask questions about the yard to CSX experts.

One of the first locals to raise doubts about the yard was Auburn city councilman Charlie Sewell. Feeling that the yard would ruin the city”s plans to let The Eagle Group develop a 591-planned-use area for homes, businesses, retail stores and more, Sewell has since changed his mind.

"CSX seems to be indicating at this point that they”re willing to make everything compatible and as unobtrusive as possible," said Sewell.

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