Dan Kaufman: “Tis the Season for Buying Local

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Daniel J. Kaufman, President and CEO, Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce
Daniel J. Kaufman, President and CEO, Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce

Oh, the Christmas season. This joyful time of year evokes visions of twinkling lights, melodious sounds, and aromatic scents. Alas, I”m referring to the sea of headlights, honking horns, and exhaust fumes that go hand in hand with shopping in December. This year, minimize the holiday sensory overload and start a new holiday tradition: shop local with Buy in Gwinnett.

Our community offers world-class malls, unique shops, notable restaurants, and great entertainment opportunities right here in our own back yard. More important, the money spent in Gwinnett directly benefits the people of Gwinnett, as the revenue generated is re-invested into the many services and amenities that make Gwinnett such a great place to live. Indeed, studies indicate that 73 percent of money spent at local businesses remains in the local economy.

This holiday season the Gwinnett Chamber is championing the Buy in Gwinnett program to create an economic win-win-win for consumers, businesses and charities. The program offers individuals exclusive discounts and special promotions at a wide range of businesses. Local businesses are able to increase both their profile and clientele through their presence on the Buy in Gwinnett website and exposure in the official Gwinnett Newcomer”s Guide and the Gwinnett Chamber”s Membership Directory. And don”t forget the non-profits this holiday season – local charities receive 50 percent of the sale of each Buy in Gwinnett card.

In addition to promotional benefits and philanthropic support, the Buy in Gwinnett program is about building relationships between consumers and local businesses. People want to buy from a business where you know the staff by their first names, not their job titles, and more important, they know you. The manager of a business lets you know about upcoming special offers. You feel comfortable recommending the business to your friends.

These small, but personal experiences are the benefits a program such as Buy in Gwinnett helps establish. They not only result in greater economic growth, but they also foster a stronger sense of community.

So during this joyous holiday season, let”s make a difference together. When we Buy in Gwinnett, we make a positive impact on our community. Consumers, local businesses, and non-profits benefit from our involvement and participation. I encourage you to buy in Gwinnett this holiday season and throughout the year. Let”s make Gwinnett an even better place to live, learn, work, play…and buy!

For more information regarding the Gwinnett Chamber”s Buy in Gwinnett program, visit

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