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Decorating With Cents

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Have you always wanted to redecorate your home, but haven”t because you thought you”d have to buy all new furniture and accessories? With an interior redesign specialist, you can make your home look like House Beautiful without raiding the piggy bank.

Partners Denise Rogness and Sherry Hart, interior redesigners, take what you already have in your home and redecorate, giving you the classic look you”ve always wanted. “We totally gut a client”s room # taking out all the furniture, taking pictures off the walls and then starting from scratch,” said Rogness. “We#re happy to use what you already have, or, if you desire, we can bring in other traditional touches.”

Rogness and Hart are unique in that they decorate with the client”s personality and style. Instead of wiping out everything the client has and replacing it with new pieces, as many designers so often do, Rogness and Hart keep all the existing pieces that reflect the client”s style and put them where they look best. “Many times, people tell us they just can”t seem to pull things together, when actually they simply haven”t put them in the right places. They get attached to their furnishings and can”t see them from the perspective we can. Our eyes are trained to look at the design of a room and the furniture in it and redesign accordingly,” said Rogness.

After meeting in a redesign course, Rogness and Hart hit it off and began discussing starting their own redesign business. Many happy Gwinnett and metro-Atlanta clients later, the duo”s success continues, even to an appearance on a national cable channel, HGTV. Chosen by the organization I.R.I.S (interior redesign industry specialists), Rogness and Hart will be showcasing their work on the show Decorating Sense later this year.

“We both have done redesign for friends and neighbors since we were young. One day, as we were talking, we discovered that we both used to go over to friends” houses and move their furniture around. Their moms loved us! Redesign is something we eat and breathe # we love our job,” said Rogness.

Very affordable, redesign appeals to the masses. Anyone from a single mother to an affluent country club member can have their home redesigned. Rogness and Hart work with their clients on their budgets and time frames. Many times they do one-day decorating, but they also can decorate in stages.

For more information on what this decorating team can do for your home, call 404-433-0188 or 404-234-2768.