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Families and graduating seniors from Gwinnett area high schools will be making one of the biggest strategic and financial decisions of their lives this year – where to pursue their higher education goals. Clearly, with more than 30 colleges and universities in the University System of Georgia, there are options near and far.  What you may not know is that there’s a hidden gem in higher education that may impress you, and it’s just 250 miles away from Gwinnett County in Valdosta, Georgia.

Valdosta State University wants you to get to know what it has to offer so when you’re making your college wish list, VSU makes the cut. VSU just might be the perfect university for your graduate.  Let us tell you why.
Valdosta State’s beautiful campus is conveniently spread across 180 acres and is full of historic buildings with Spanish Mission architecture and palm trees. The campus has an award-winning front lawn that takes center stage to many of the school-wide activities or a simple game of Frisbee among friends. If you stand still long enough, you may even be able to smell the salt in the air from the
Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean, because Valdosta sits just 2 hours away from their beaches.

With more than 100 majors and programs, a dynamic study abroad program, and nearly 11,000 students, class sizes are small and hands-on experience is an important part of every major. Coupled with championship athletics and a campus life that includes more than 200 organizations, at VSU students are the focus. With all that’s going on, students don’t get lost in the crowd either. VSU’s 1:20 student/faculty ratio allows for meaningful exchanges with professors who not only want to teach students, but who also want to get to know students and understand what really keeps them up at night dreaming big.
We deliver a more personalized journey — an education shaped to fit student goals. As a mid-sized university, VSU has the unique flexibility to create learning environments tailored to student interests and needs. This means students will spend less time being part of a crowd, and more time living their own educational dream and becoming enlightened individuals. At VSU, their learning experience is focused, creative and unique—just like them.

Nestled in a town that fully embraces and supports VSU, many students feel so comfortable they end up calling Valdosta and VSU their “home away from home.” Just blocks from campus, you’ll find easy-to-access and easygoing downtown Valdosta. Locally owned coffee shops, restaurants and boutiques give students a hometown to call their own. The university is surrounded by a community of 110,000 residents that supports VSU—from cheering at our football games and welcoming our student teachers into local schools, from internships to service learning and job opportunities. It’s a place where both students and parents find a safe environment to learn, play and live in for four or more years.

At Valdosta State University, we nurture intellect, expand and explore possibilities, provide hands-on experiences, fuel fun, and support our students every step of the way. With our comprehensive and robust list of majors and program offerings, married with hands-on experiences and dynamic study abroad opportunities, the value of Valdosta State University is unparalleled. If you have friends or
relatives in Florida, South Carolina or Alabama,
they, too, can benefit from the value of Georgia’s
in-state tuition!

Let us impress you. We invite you to come for a visit and get to know VSU for yourself. VSU offers daily tours by appointment, but also hosts open houses throughout the year. Official Open House dates are:

• October 17, 2015
• January 30, 2016
• April 2, 2016

Find out more about Valdosta State University.  Visit to schedule a tour, sign up for an open house or apply. You can also e-mail us at, and if you want to hear our friendly voices, give us a call at 229-333-5791. We would love to hear from you.

If you want to see what our students and campus are up to, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @ValdostaState

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