Dress for Success…and Comfort!

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Corporate dress codes have changed dramatically in the past few years. The #casual Friday# trend has now taken over and nearly two-thirds of American workers have an entire workweek of #business casual.# To make sure your work wardrobe doesn#t look like you#re on summer vacation, consider these tips.

1. What#s on the agenda?

Are you meeting with clients? Making a sales presentation? Save the golf shirt for another day, but keep it casual with a button-down oxford and sport coat (no tie required).

2. The importance of shoes.

Shoes can make or break any outfit. Even casual shoes should be in good shape: no scuffs, holes or loose soles.

3. The skin you#re in.

Especially in warm environments, pantyhose have gone by the wayside. But be smart and err on the conservative side. If you go hose-less, consider wearing a longer skirt # nothing above the knee.

4. Appearance makes an impression.

Casual does not equal sloppy. If you dress too casually for work, you will leave an impression on others in the company: perhaps if you look sloppy, your work is sloppy, too.

5. If in doubt, throw it out.

If the thought that you#re dressed too casually crosses your mind, you probably are. It#s called #business casual# for a reason, so make sure you remember that business is the first part of the word.

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