Explore the Physics of Amusement Parks

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bumper-blasterFamilies can enjoy exploring the physics behind the fun at amusement parks when they experience the new special exhibition Amusement Park Science on display at the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center beginning Feb. 1.

The exhibition – researched, developed and produced by Discovery Center Museum via the five museum national consortium TEAMS (Traveling Exhibitions At Museums of Science) with funding from the National Science Foundation – features 12 hands-on exhibit components, including a Create-a-Coaster area, interactive video and computer kiosks, bumper cars and much more.

Designed for families and family learning, Amusement Park Science showcases open sided, interactive exhibit components which explore the science involved in typical amusement park attractions.

“There is great deal of emphasis on STEM (science – technology – engineering – math) in today”s school curriculum. This exhibit serves as a wonderful enrichment opportunity for kids and parents to develop a better understanding of the science that is connected to everyday life,”# said Jason West, director of programming.

At the entrance of the exhibition, visitors are introduced to Newt, a cheerful little amphibian with a passion for scientific exploration. Throughout the exhibit, Newt – whose parents just happened to name him after Sir Isaac Newton, the Father of Physics – points out and explains various concepts such as Newton”s Laws of Motion, angular momentum and other key physics principles.

Amusement Park Science will be at the GEHC until April 30, 2014.# The exhibit is sponsored locally by the GEHC Foundation and is included in the price of admission.# For more information about the exhibit and the GEHC, visit www.gwinnettEHC.org.