Finding Joy in Your Bucket List: Fill It Before It Falls

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As a child, we are told to embrace life, the world is our oyster and we can be anything we want to be. Little girls aspire to become ballerinas, dancing in front of thousands and being showered with affection. Little boys aspire to become policeman, taking down the bad guy. But then we get older and the reality of the “real world” sets in. We grow-up, have bills, have families and the chaos ensues. We tell ourselves it”s not realistic to continue to pursue childhood fantasies. We think, “there is just not enough time in the day.”

Instead, we create common, reasonable goals like impress the boss and get the promotion, buy the new car, and lose those 20 pounds. But what happened to dreaming big? Has it disappeared? We need an escape! Our society was built on the longstanding ideals of freedom and “pursuing the American Dream,” however you define it. We all have a desire deep down inside to explore our childhood ambitions once again. So let me introduce you to the bucket list.

This list allows us to retreat from the binds of our day-to-day lives and open our minds by developing a road map of our life”s desires with no boundaries. (This is just what we need, right?) So, it”s a list? Yes, it”s a dream to-do list. The idea is to create a list of all the goals and aspirations we wish to accomplish before we…you know…”kick the bucket.”

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