For Tony, Attitude is Everything

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Tony, 2010

Heroes Project Update: Tony Velo

For Tony Velo, cancer has been his whole life, but he has never let the disease hold him back. “Most of Tony”s disabilities are invisible, but he compensates so well for the most part people don”t realize he has anything wrong,”# says Cathy Velo, Tony”s mother. “He can usually tell who somebody is before they even speak by motions.”#

Tony was diagnosed legally blind last year, but this past December, he received a visual field scan that showed good vision improvement where he had light perception in a whole eye quadrant. “We think his last chemo treatment was actually helping his vision,”# says Cathy. He is currently off chemotherapy, finishing his last regimen in early December.

Tony, 2011

Our 2010 Hero and May/June 2010 cover boy still has great attitude and attempts to have a regularly kid life. He is in chorus at school, and both him and his mom are currently looking into the therapeutic recreation programs offered by Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation.

Cathy”s advice for parents that have children with cancer: “Don”t project yourself into the future.”# Cathy continues, “There may be a lot of information and research on your child”s disease, but it may not be specific to your child. The best thing to do is to learn and watch – don”t project your hopes on change.”#