Georgia Aquarium Debuts Live Frog Exhibit

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Georgia Aquarium newest exhibition, Frogs – A Chorus of Colors, is open now to the public. This fascinating Atlanta attraction introduces visitors to the amazing and colorful world of anurans – the frogs. Regarded as the most advanced traveling frog exhibition in the U.S., visitors will come eyeball to eyeball in a hands-on, minds-on adventure with living frogs from around the world.

Frogs – A Chorus of Colors features 15 species of live frogs in more than 3,000-square-feet of unique habitats designed to introduce guests to these complex amphibians, their biology and evolution, the pivotal role they play in our ecosystem and the peril they face in a changing environment. The dynamic habitats are complete with rock ledges, live plants and waterfalls; showcasing living frogs from the unique long-nosed horned frog to the vividly-colorful poisonous dart frog. Within the exhibition, visitors will enjoy interactive and hands-on components that activate recorded frog calls, videos of frogs in action, spin a zoetrope, and test frog knowledge on subjects from basic to bizarre. Throughout the exhibition visitors are immersed in the sights and sounds of frogs.

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