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Hi, my name is Gracie Greer. I am very excited to be writing another article in Gwinnett Magazine. I am going to tell you a little bit about myself. I love music, and I play the guitar and the flute. I also like to sing and dance. I’m really into all of these things, but guitar and singing are my most favorite. Oh, and I can’t forget to tell you I also really love ice cream. At school they call me “Ice Cream Queen,” LOL! Last year I wrote an article about school and how it’s really not so bad. This year I’m going to talk about dreaming big…really big!

Everybody has a dream. A dream is something that you want to do or be. Some people’s dreams could be very small and other’s could be really big. But whatever your dream is, you gotta go for it! 

You want to know something? Your life is what you make it. You determine your future. If you were able to see a video clip of your future, and it wasn’t what you wanted it to be, would you just quit? Would you say, “I just saw my future, there is nothing I can do about it, my dream is crushed!” Or would you say, “This is what my future is going to look like?  I am going to work harder and dream bigger!”

If you choose the second way of seeing it, then you will change your future. Don’t let anyone tell you that your dream is too big. If you work hard then your dream will come true!

Now, one of your worries might be that you don’t have enough money or enough supplies to follow your dreams. Well, do something about that. Get a job! You might say, “I’m a stay at home mom, I don’t have enough time for that.” Maybe you can’t get a large job. But, maybe you could babysit other people’s children. You could see if you could get a job at your local library where you read to kids. Then you can take your kids with you. You can make extra money that could help with your big plans, and still do all the other stuff you are responsible for. Or maybe you are just a kid like me. Kids are pretty good at a lot of things! You could start a dog walking service – how fun would that be? You could also make an allowance by doing extra chores around the house, or helping out with younger siblings.

Maybe some of you already have a job, but you are unhappy with what you do. You say, “It’s too late for me. By the time I go back to college and find a different job and finally get to the point where I’m ready to live my dream, I’ll be old enough to retire!”  But it’s never, ever too late! Start now, because you’re not getting any younger!

Another way you can help yourself and others is to always have a positive attitude, and believe in yourself. If you are a grownup, set a good example to all the kids and young people out there! Help others younger than you to dream big and make their dream come true, even if you have to think outside the box and be different. Life is short people! Don’t waste a second!

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