Great Gift Ideas

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Looking for some unique gift ideas? We#re here to help. Check out these ideas for your friends and family.

1. Name Your Own Star

The Star Foundation Network allows you to name a star in the sky after a friend or loved one. The recipient of this unique gift receives a plaque certifying the star name, a map and mythological explanation of their star, helpful hints for viewing star and other astronomical information. And when you give this gift, you#re actually giving to more than just your loved one # 25 percent of all proceeds is donated to charity from every purchase. Prices range from $39.95 to $67.95. Visit for more information.

2. It#s a Barbecue Thing

Grill in style with the Deluxe Barbecue Station from Backyard Gear. This station includes everything # except the grill. Made of heavy-duty plastic, the station has six square feet of fold out workspace, a removable cutting board, a hidden trash bag holder, places for grilling tools and a divided tray for condiments. However, the best part of all is the foldaway sink. A garden hose can be connected to the station to supply water to a faucet that works just like your kitchen sink. Wash your hands, prep veggies or clean your tools. The price is about $160. For more information, visit

3. I#ve Got the Music in Me

Teens will love the RioVolt SP50 Portable CD/MP3 Player. This player grants free listening across standard audio CDs, as well as the MP3 files that they#ve recorded to CD-Rs and CD-RWs. It also offers an ID3 text display that shows the track number, song name, artist name and album title. We found this at, where it retails for $59.94.

4. He#s Still Hot

Harry Potter is still hot with the kids, and his Hogwarts School playset is on the top of many lists. Hogwarts is the boarding school where Harry learned to become a wizard. The playset reveals 11 rooms in the school and is sized for desktops or playrooms (15.8 x 11.9 x 7.2 inches). The cost is $49.99. Visit to purchase online.

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