Gwinnett”s Great Advantage: Lifelong Learning Opportunies

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by Charlotte Nash

Guess what? Education doesn”t stop in the summer, no matter what school you attended or how old you are! In fact, we all need to keep learning because the world around us is changing so rapidly. When I was growing up in a much more rural Gwinnett, the 4-H Club helped broaden my horizons beyond what I learned in school. As an elected leader today, I am pleased there are so many opportunities for all Gwinnett”s residents to gain new skills and knowledge, no matter where we are in life.

We”re blessed with outstanding K-12 schools, post-secondary institutions and libraries, yet many folks don”t think of lifelong learning as something available at other County facilities. But we can find opportunities to learn in many areas.

All sorts of classes take place in our parks, community centers, and senior centers. Self-motivated people sign up for classes voluntarily – because they”re curious about the subject or want to meet new people, develop new interests, or get more involved in their community. Formal sports or fitness programs develop healthy bodies and minds.

We are especially proud to partner with an award-winning, international nonprofit organization that serves senior adults. Housed in the senior centers located at Bethesda Park and the George Pierce Community Recreation Center, the SenioR Learning Center provides peer-led workshops and classes on computer basics. Our senior centers offer many other enrichment activities as well.

And these days, as more people are growing their own vegetables, they are looking for good information and advice. The Cooperative Extension Service”s Master Gardener program offers gardening education with an emphasis on horticultural principles and environmental practices and cultivates volunteers for community outreach. Experienced gardeners and budding green thumbs alike may apply to the master gardener program or simply take part in Extension”s many workshops, garden tours, and other programs.

Informal learning is also a part of our personal development. You don”t need a class to take a hike in the park, get in touch with nature, or simply experience the beauty of a sunrise or sunset. Every day, volunteers are making life better for homebound seniors by delivering meals or doing basic home repairs – and learning in the process.

As a community, our quality of life depends on active residents who constantly learn and work to improve the conditions around us. That”s one thing I”ve always loved most about Gwinnett. We know our buildings, facilities, and amenities are simply tools to help people be the best they can be.

Lifelong learning keeps Gwinnett competitive in our rapidly changing, globally connected world. For a vibrant, dynamic community like ours, personal enrichment is a year-round endeavor.

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