Heroes Project 2014 – Anna Mott

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“Don”t wait for tomorrow. Love big.” – Anna Mott

She moved with grace across the stage. Every move, every breath seemingly an effortless display of her love of life.

As so many of us do, Anna Mott funneled all her energy into her passion, losing herself in the quiet momentum, her talent on display for those who saw her dance.

As a ballerina with Gwinnett Ballet Theatre, she performed in productions like the Nutcracker, her body and mind in tune: flowing with precision.

A back injury in 2011 put her on the sidelines. A diagnosis of pineoblastoma and a subsequent brain tumor ended her dancing career.

Doctors performed surgery to remove the tumor, but the young girl had already lost her vision. The cancerous growth had done permanent damage, but it couldn”t extinguish the light in her eyes.

It couldn”t discourage Anna from being positive. “Anna”s strength comes from within,” said mom, Melissa. “She”s always been so mature, so responsible. And she”s still strong to this day, despite what she”s been through.” While mom said Anna”s passion for dancing has been put on hold, she”s found a new appreciation for life. Her ballet aspirations have been replaced by a desire to help others. “She prays to God everyday that he”ll find a way to use her. Now, Anna wants to be a nurse.”

The past several years have taught Anna”s mom many lessons. “Don”t sweat the small stuff, don”t wait for tomorrow,” she said. “And love big.”

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