Heroes Project 2014 – Anthony Rodriguez

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“Have a good attitude and a positive approach” – Anthony Rodriguez

You never know what tomorrow holds. That”s more than a maxim for Anthony Rodriguez. Savoring each fleeting moment is a way of life for the 50-year-old producing artistic director at Aurora Theatre. It”s a habit that took root more than 23 years ago when doctors told him about the malignant sarcoma in his leg.

Just 27 years old at the time, Rogriguez said the news profoundly devastated his parents and then-wife. “In the beginning there was so much we didn”t know,” he said. “They didn”t know if they”d have to amputate. There were a lot of variables we didn”t understand…but for any cancer patient, regardless of what kind of cancer you may have, the moment you hear the news, it”s a life changer.”

Following diagnosis, there were numerous doctor appointments, treatments, and medications to consider. In addition, he said cancer patients must educate themselves on the ins and outs of insurance and the world of medical professionals.

“It”s a lot to take in,” he said. “Once they tell you, it”s off to the races.”

Following a surgery to remove the cancer and the subsequent treatments, Rodriguez continues to take it one day at a time. “It”s one of those situations where you”ve got to approach with as much positive energy as you can,” he said. “It doesn”t hurt to have a good attitude and a positive approach.”

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