Heroes Project 2014 – Carmen Vargas

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“People are put in your life for a reason” – Carmen Vargas

What 23-year-old Carmen Vargas lost was flesh and blood. For what she gained, the local woman considers it a bargain. After surgery to remove her breast cancer, Vargas said she was imparted “so much wisdom and knowledge.”

Her journey began as a 15 year old, when she noticed a growth in her body. “I didn”t expect there to be anything wrong, but I went to the doctor anyway.” Results came back shortly thereafter that the young woman in fact had cancer. “It was a shock for me. It was a shock for my family, but I took it the best I could, and I just went ahead with my surgery.”

After surgery, the removal of three different tumors, as well as radiation and chemotherapy, Vargas felt her outlook on life begin to change. “The whole experience gave me a sense of my own mortality…that we”re here one day, but we might not be here the next.”

This wisdom helped her enjoy life more than ever before, she said.

“Now I feel more love and I feel more compassion for other people…especially family and friends.”

Vargas said she realized that “I can”t do it on my own. People are put in your life for a reason. Sometimes you don”t know what that reason is until things take a turn for the worse. But it”s up to you to see your situation in new light. That”s where you find the power to overcome.”