Heroes Project 2014 – Carrie Cave

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“Life is too short, and you have to cherish every moment” – Carrie Cave

Breast cancer has taken its toll on the family of Carrie Cave. Her mother, sister, and aunt were all diagnosed. And several years back, she herself got some troubling news.

As she eyed her options, Cave made the decision to have a double mastectomy. “I thought if I did that I wouldn”t have to go through chemo…but I did end up having to go through chemo. Six rounds of it.”

Now in remission, the woman has found time to reflect on what got her through the experience. As it turns out, it was her own advice. “When my sister was diagnosed, I just kept telling her, “you just have to get through it.” Once I was diagnosed, I had to practice what I preached,” she said, laughing. “And it”s true. It”s just something you have to fight through.”

Having cancer taught Cave that “life is too short, and you have to cherish every moment. It”s one day at a time for everyone, not just cancer survivors.”

She credits those around her for helping get through it all. “I couldn”t have done it without the support of my husband, my family, and my coworkers.”

In a family that”s so severely felt the effects of this disease, Cave counts herself lucky to have the strong support system in her life. “It”s during these difficult times when you really get to witness how wonderful these people are.”

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