Heroes Project 2014 – Dan Martin

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“Take advantage of every moment.” – Dan Martin

Looking back through the years, Dan Martin remembers a lot of the advice his pop used to give him. Much of what he learned extended to all things in life. But one thing in particular sticks out. “My dad used to say to me, “you just keep on keeping on. You don”t quit. You just keep going.””

Martin found the advice useful over the years, but never more so than the day he learned he had cancer.

It was April 2012 that Martin found out he”d developed prostate cancer. “I”d been through so much in my life,” Martin said. “When I found out about this, I said “why now? Couldn”t this wait another 10 or 15 years down the road?””

He started his radiation treatments in October 2012, getting through the emotional and physical toll that the disease took with the help of family and friends.

“You just do it. You take your treatments. You can”t stop…it doesn”t do any good,” Martin said.

His attitude and proactive approach to prostate cancer put him on the path to recovery. Within a year of being diagnosed, his cancer was in remission.

The 58-year-old loves life. He loves his job at Grayson Technical Program as a technical support technician. He loves his wife. And he”s happy to be here.

Martin said those who suspect they might have cancer should “get treatment. Don”t be afraid to do it.”

And he offered the following to anybody reading this: “Live every day as best you can and as full as you can. Take advantage of every moment, and live life to its fullest.”

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