Heroes Project 2014 – David Greer

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“Every day is a gift” – David Greer

David Greer knows the toll cancer can take on the family. He”s seen it from all perspectives. As a prostate cancer survivor, he battled the disease. As a son who watched lung cancer take his own mother, he vowed to encourage those around him to be vigilant, to get screened.

Diagnosed three years ago with prostate cancer, Greer followed the procedures recommended by his doctor. He encouraged others to do the same. “You”ve got to follow the advice of your physicians,” he said. It”s counsel he offers to anyone and everyone who”s just learned such news. And to those who don”t know whether or not they have cancer: “Start getting checked.”

“Listen to these medical professionals,” said the 76-year-old Gwinnett County resident. “Follow their recommendations. Choose the route that”s right for you, based on what they say.”

Prior to his diagnosis, Greer was cognizant of the possibility that he himself might one day be affected. His family history kept him wary. It was this foreknowledge that allowed him to catch prostate cancer in its early stages.

Ever since surgery last year to remove it, he”s gotten nothing but positive reports from the doctor. “If you find out you”ve got cancer, then you get it taken care of. You do that so that you can move forward.”

Having successfully moved forward in his life, Greer reflected that “every day is a gift.”

“People like to think they”re infallible. But cancer can strike anybody. So you live each day, and you live it with gratitude.”