Heroes Project 2014 – Jenny Shaw

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“It”s taught me to be healthier and stress less” – Jenny Shaw

Always go with your gut feeling.

Jenny Shaw of Buford has always held strong to this belief. Even when facing a frightening diagnosis of ulcerated melanoma, the 37-year-old Buford woman embraced her convictions, knowing that deep in her heart she would do what was best for her children and for herself.

After numerous surgeries and intense physical therapy, doctors told her she needed chemotherapy. But something inside her said “no.”

Foregoing the chemical treatments, she met with a doctor who offered to put her on alternative medicines. She took care of her body. She ate well. And today, she”s in remission.

“I”ve learned to be more aware of what I”m doing to my body,” she said. “It”s taught me to be healthier, stress less and definitely spread the news about healthier alternative treatments.”

She”s also made it her life”s mission to help raise awareness about melanoma, a disease she feels does not get enough attention. “People need to know how dangerous it really is,” she said.

Jenny joined a support group for individuals with melanoma. She found some comfort in talking about the disease with others who”d faced it. “It used to really depress me, but I learned that I can”t dwell on it. I focus instead on the health and safety of my kids, and I take care of myself as much as I can, because the people I love depend on me.”

“Life is short,” she added. “It”s something people say all the time, but when you face cancer, the message really hits home.”

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