Heroes Project 2014 – Keisha Hull

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“Breast cancer does not discriminate” – Keisha Hull

You could hear a pin drop in the exam room when the doctor told her the devastating news. Out of confusion and disbelief, she stared blankly, letting the words take root in her mind: Breast Cancer. She turned to her husband, asking him if he”d heard what the doctor had said.

The rising waves of panic made their way through her body, but it all stopped when she heard the voice of God speak to her: “I got this. Don”t worry.” And a calm washed over Keisha Hull.

More than ten years after her breast cancer diagnosis, the 41-year-old training and development coordinator at Gwinnett Technical College continues to celebrate being cancer free.

It wasn”t easy by any means, but she pushed through years of treatment. “I was on an emotional roller coaster…but my spirits were high on most days. I even found myself consoling others as I waited my turn at the treatment center.”

Hull said that with early detection a cancer diagnosis doesn”t have to be a death sentence. “For me, it was an awakening. Through my journey and victory over breast cancer, I was afforded a keen awareness that my life is not my own. It is to serve God”s purpose for me.”

Hull said her hope is that through reading her testimonial “someone”s life is preserved, because breast cancer does not discriminate. We are all at risk, but early detection saves lives.”

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