Heroes Project 2014 – Reece McPhail

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“Be happy today” – Reece McPhail

A father wants the world for his child.

From the moment he holds him in his arms in the hospital room, their eyes meeting for the very first time, there”s an unspoken blood pledge. He will do anything to protect his offspring.

But when Jeff McPhail”s young son Reece was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2011, the father felt helpless. “Having your child go through something that you can”t do anything about as a parent, it”s very painful. You have to be there to support them as best you can.”

The Hebron Christian Academy student endured intense chemotherapy treatments, but wouldn”t let the disease keep him off the ice hockey rink and the tennis courts, where he continued to enjoy athleticism and the camaraderie of his friends.

The sports-loving 10-year-old is a source of strength for friends as well as family. With about one year left to finish treatment he is currently in remission. McPhail said his son is “inspiring to me because he has a good attitude and doesn”t let cancer get in the way of living his life to the fullest.”

“His strength gets us all through the good days and the bad days.” After all, it”s not easy watching your son go through what Reece has experienced over the last three years.

“He”s been real good throughout this whole thing. He tries to maintain his normal life. Not missing school unless he absolutely has to…playing as much sports as he can.”

Jeff said seeing Reece living life the way he does is a daily inspiration. “You realize that every day is indeed a blessing. You never know from one day to the next what”s in store, so be happy today.”