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Home Makeovers in a Day

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As two Gwinnett homeowners learned, the process can take eight hours or less with help from design professionals.

Laurie Ivy of Duluth and Lori Utberg of Suwanee saw their homes transformed from the time they left in the morning until they returned in the late afternoon, thanks to Anew Design, a one-day-makeover firm that uses furnishings its clients already own.

Both homeowners needed help in placing existing furniture, accessories and wall hangings to maximize traffic flow and aesthetic appeal.

The changes provide quick and valuable design lessons:

– Sofa Placement: to open up Ivy#s living room and draw more attention to the fireplace, Anew Design moved her couch from in the front of the fireplace to the left side. The room was balanced with upholstered and wicker pieces on the right side.

– Mantel Accessories: to provide more visual interest, Anew Design replaced a row of Ivy#s similar-sized pieces with a few taller ones of varying shapes and heights, grouped on the left and right with a small whimsical collection in the middle.

– Vertical Spaces: today#s taller ceilings call for better use of artwork. Anew Design replaced Utberg#s single picture over the fireplace with six stacked prints, giving a vertical accent to her tall living room.

– Home Offices: often the decorating stepchild of a home, an office should be inviting to encourage usage. #I didn#t like going in there before,# Utberg explained. #Now it#s more a more enjoyable and useful environment.# Her desk was rotated to face an interesting grouping of accessories: shoji screen from the living room, a relocated picture and iron shelf unit with added collectables.

– Filling a Room: rooms often suffer from too few furnishings, according to Nancy Boyken, Anew designer. Her team moved additional pieces to fill out Utberg#s family room. Added seating made the room more functional and accessories moved from other rooms provided more visual interest. #They even found furniture I was storing in the garage and gave it new life,# Utberg said.

– Emptying a Room: at the same time, less is sometimes more. Ivy#s TV was flanked by two massive bookshelves in her living room, almost upstaging the fireplace. Anew Design relocated an armoire to hide the electronics and moved one shelving unit to an opposite corner of the living room and the other one to the kitchen.

– Overlooked Hallways: more than a passageway, hallways provide an opportunity for accents. Anew Design moved Utberg#s antique suitcases from the upstairs hall to serve as an end table in the living room. To capitalize on vertical space in the hallway, the team relocated a pedestal, topped it with a natural arrangement and used two vases and a picture to complement the narrow corner.

– Bedroom Charm: given the amount of time spent in a bedroom, it needs design attention, too. Before the makeover, Ivy purchased a simple wrought-iron bed and new bedspread to add country charm. Anew Design moved in a table to balance the bed with two nightstands and removed excess furniture to eliminate clutter and make the room more functional and inviting.

For information on making over one or more rooms in your home, call Anew Design at 770-481-9959 or visit their website at www.anewdesigninc.com.

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