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Eagle Ranch helps Gwinnett boys and girls work through struggles

“Nobody understands me.” “I don’t care.” “You can’t make me.”
While these words are upsetting to hear from a child, perhaps even more frustrating is behavior that defies all discipline. Worse still — the underlying pain, anger and suffering experienced by the child.

While difficulties with a child can arise under the best of circumstances, crisis can make matters worse. Defiance can be a way to manage grief from changes in the family, such as divorce, abandonment or death. A child being bullied may completely withdraw or take out their feel- ings by bullying a sibling at home. Academic and social issues can emerge at school. Problems escalate when a child cannot cope with daily life.

Tucked away on a 270-acre rural campus in Flowery Branch, just one mile north of Gwinnett County, is one of Georgia’s largest and most comprehensive resources for struggling boys and girls. Eagle Ranch is an affordable, non-profit residential program that gives children and their families the space, time and guidance needed to work through problems. The Christ-centered program serves boys and girls as young as 8 from north Georgia and metro Atlanta, with Gwinnett County as one of its largest service areas.

Founded in 1985, Eagle Ranch is supported by the community through private donations, enabling children from all backgrounds access to quality care. The Ranch receives no government funding and has been debt-free since its inception.

A multifaceted approach addresses all aspects of a child’s life: emotional, social, intellectual, physical and spiritual. Ten homes, each serving up to 7 children, are each overseen by a loving houseparent couple to teach life skills and model a healthy family atmosphere. An on-campus school for grades 6-9 provides individualized help for students and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Licensed professional counselors provide group, individual, and family counseling. A variety of activities, from sports to an equine therapy program, help build confidence and leadership.

“Eagle Ranch is an amazing experience. I got to meet new people. I worked on how to handle things differently. I learned if you put your mind to it, you can do anything.”

Jeremiah, 16
Eagle Ranch Graduate 2014


The Eagle Ranch program helps children return home to stronger relationships and the skills needed to lead positive, productive lives.

Eagle Ranch is located one mile north of Gwinnett County in Flowery Branch. For more information, call 770.967.8500, or visit EagleRanch.org.