How to Stage a Family Intervention

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interventionIt can be challenging to help a loved one struggling with any kind of addictive behavior, such as alcohol or drugs.# An intervention is a confrontation used as a final resort for getting a loved one the help they need, but denies that it”s necessary. Any person that”s addicted to anything that affects their health and their family adversely can be helped by this method.

An intervention usually includes the following steps:

Step One: Talk with family and friends you know have been affected by the addicted loved one”s behavior and form a planning group. Also it”s best if you consult with an intervention professional.

Step Two: Find out the extent of the loved one”s problem and research the condition and treatment programs.

Step Three: Gather everyone that plans to participate in the intervention, minus the addicted loved one, and work together to present a consistent, rehearsed message.

Step Four: Each team member should write down what they want to say to their addicted loved one and rehearse it. At this point, a decision should also be made on specific consequences if the loved one doesn”t accept treatment.

Step Five: Schedule the actual intervention at a time when the addicted loved one will be available, and hopefully sober.

Step Six: Confront the addicted loved one in a loving, honest manner.

Step Seven: If the addicted loved one accepts treatment, it”s critical the members of the intervention team help him or her stay in treatment and avoid relapsing.

Information from the Mayo Clinic

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