If we could only stop the hands of time.

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Let”s face it, it”s inevitable, sooner or later, your health will demand your attention. We”re all intelligent. We”re well informed. We realize that our health is one of the most important investments we can make in our future. So, taking preventative measures to ensure we have a good quality of life now and in the long-term makes sense. Right?

Why then, do most of us dislike going to the doctor”s office? Perhaps it”s the rushed visits, lack of respectful service, appointments that are perpetually late or feeling like your doctor doesn”t have time to give you the attention you need. Could it be that today”s healthcare “system”# seems diametrically opposed to delivering what all of us really want – a doctor who truly listens to and cares about his patients.

One local physician is changing this paradigm by creating a practice model that offers an approach that”s unique in this day and age of healthcare. His practice offers on-time appointments, availability when patients need to be seen, phone calls answered by a real person and patients can directly call their doctor on his cell phone after hours.

At Dr. Spencer Rozin”s direct care practice, these are things that happen every day. That”s because he”s built a medical practice that centers on his patients. It”s also the reason he”s become the doctor of choice for other physicians and for executives.

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