Inspiring Through Faith, Hope and Love

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Thirteen-year-old Tony Velo knows faith. It”s what makes it possible for him to calmly face the possibility of chemotheraphy – for the fifth time since he was just five – with a shining attitude and strength beyond his years.

Briauna Howard knows faith. A full-time nursing student with two small daughters and a full-time job, Briauna and her husband are united in his battle against brain cancer. And with a ready smile and remarkable grace, her belief in God”s ultimate plan is never out of mind.

Pastor B. J. Relefourd knows faith. Diagnosed while still in her 30s, the initial news of her breast cancer dropped her to her knees. Standing tall today, she uses her strength and faith to empower women in all circumstances.

Tony, Briauna and Pastor B. J. are part of the Faith On choir, adding their enthusiastic voices to last month”s recording session to launch the Faith On 2012 song project.

Faith On is an initiative to promote faith, hope and love throughout the world by sharing stories that encourage and inspire people from all walks of life. The Faith On team uses their creative talents and resources to produce articles, songs and videos to provide support and encouragement and to raise awareness for charities.

In February, the Faith On creative team wrapped up two days of recording on an anthem appropriately called, Faith On.

Joining the Faith On musicians was a choir who truly inspires – children and adults who”ve triumphed over cancer, caregivers who”ve put the needs of others first, parents devoted to providing for their children, and people of faith committed to serving the community.

Faith On was founded by David and Kelly Greer, who own Tillman Allen Greer, LLC, a marketing and publishing firm located in Lawrenceville, Ga., and is an extension of the firm”s Heroes Project.

For many years, Tillman Allen Greer, which publishes Gwinnett Magazine, has supported cancer survivors and raised awareness for the fight against cancer by featuring a series of “Hero survivors”# on the pages of Gwinnett Magazine and in videos and stories on the Heroes Project website. www.AllAreOurHeroes.com.

“With Faith On, we”re broadening our efforts, recognizing that there are many challenges in life – from health issues to financial hardships – where faith and support can make an immeasurable, positive difference,”# says Greer.

The Faith On song project, says Greer, enables us “to use the talents we were given in the realm of storytelling and communications to generate encouragement for those struggling.”# The song was written by Greer, who brought in Seth White and Chad McIlvenna as co-writers and to help produce the song.

The Faith On song – and other creative efforts – will continue to be used for fundraising for selected charities. Song download cards will be available in March to be used to raise money and awareness for several causes.

For more information on Faith On and the song project, call 770-891-9797, visit www.FaithOn.com, or like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ FaithOn.