Joy in the Small Triumphs

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Jane, 2010

Heroes Project Update: Jane Maran

“We were in Hawaii a few months ago and I was very excited to be able to once again get on the beach, with the assistance of my cane, and take a short slow walk. It”s small things like that I find myself feeling good about,” recalls Jane Maran, one of our 2010 Heroes. Jane has overcome many obstacles over the last seven years, battling ovarian cancer twice (2004 and 2005), surgeries, six rounds of chemotherapy and a radiation therapy called CyberKnife. The radiation left this avid exerciser barely able to walk.

Now, being two and a half years cancer free, this short walk for Jane has shown she has come a long way. “Through all my persistence and hard work, my leg weakness, due to the femoral nerve damage caused from radiation to my pelvic area, is getting stronger – very slowly but surely.” She continues, “I am still a long way from “normal” or being able to jog or play tennis again, but walking and maneuvering stairs are getting easier which is making my day-to-day routine easier.”

Jane, 2011

Her advice to others battling cancer is to stay strong, positive and never give up. “When I start feeling sorry for myself, I always think about all the people that have it worse than I do and I concentrate on the good in my life – not the bad,” she says.

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