Joyful Waiting

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I hate to wait.# Does anyone like to wait?# Does it ever seem like that”s all you do?# If you have kids this is especially true.# Lots of waiting.

Before I go any further, I must make a confession – I am a certified Type A (with a capital A), often over-the-top, Control Freak. I”m trying to do better. Really.# Today I call myself a “recovering”# control freak, but I still fall into full-blown control freakouts from time to time. #Control Freaks in particular do not like to wait because it amplifies the fact that they are not in control.# My despise of waiting varies from the small (“I can”t believe it is taking 30 seconds to reheat my coffee”#) to the large (“Why hasn”t all my dreams and goals happened yet?”#)

However, I made a discovery recently that has totally changed my outlook on waiting. Before this discovery I could see absolutely no value in waiting and viewed my periods of waiting – both large and small as voids of time forever lost with no redeeming qualities.# This has been especially true as I reflect on where I am today and where I want to go.# So be impatient about the coffee maker and microwave if you must, but I want to encourage you to look differently at the art of waiting as it relates to your station and calling in life.

First of all the fact that you feel like you have a calling, or purpose or dream implies some type of promise from somewhere.# As a believer, I believe that this is from God.# I believe that as I give my life to Christ He begins to impart His dreams and goals and plans for my life into my heart.# I believe that there is a good and perfect plan for my life.# The question becomes am I going to follow my own plans or trust that God has the better one for me.

Several years ago God spoke into my heart very clearly something He wanted me to do.# I met His idea with both excitement and a certain amount of disbelief.# I was excited because I saw real value in purpose in what He was asking me to do.# I was also excited because this was the first time I had received an assignment that I was certain was from Him. The disbelief came because I was pretty sure He had the wrong girl.# While I possessed some of the skill sets required doing this task, I felt so very ill equipped for much of it. And so the journey began.# There”s nothing quite like being on step 1, seeing step 10 and having no real clue on how you are going to get from here to there.# I have learned so much since that time almost 5 years ago.# Spiritual lessons on faith, Truth, hope, doubt, prayer and fears.# I”ve learned very tangible lessons too – growth in the areas of writing, speaking, social media, culture, empathy and more.# But perhaps one of the biggest lessons I”m learning is what to do with the reality of waiting.

I love how author and priest, Henri Nouwen views waiting:

“People who wait have received a promise that allows them to wait. They have received something that is at work in them, like a seed that has started to grow. This is very important. We can only really wait if what we are waiting for has already begun for us. So waiting is never a movement from nothing to something. It is always a movement from something to something more.”#

I don”t think I would have ever chosen it for myself, but I”ve become a student of waiting. I”ve learned about “active waiting”# – which is the idea of being fully present in the moment.# It”s believing that something is always happening right where you are – even if it doesn”t look like it.# And you know what?# It”s true!

I”ve learned to wait without “overthinking it”#.# So often I think that if it just think about something MORE, I”ll figure it out.# Sometimes that”s true, but most of the time, at least for me all it serves to do is make me mean, exhausted and give me a headache!# Sometimes “rational thinking”# is the enemy of revelation from God.# We weren”t meant to “figure everything out”#.# What is asked of us is to seek, trust and obey God. When He asks us to do something, do it. Wait. Repeat. I”m not talking about being a drone and turning off your brain, but I am talking about realizing that it is possible to over think something to the point of just making yourself nuts!

I”ve learned that waiting is a requirement for the spiritual life and doing what God put each of us on earth to do.# But when we wait with Jesus it”s never wasted time and most importantly when we wait with Him we can wait with hope and assurance.# When God makes you a promise He doesn”t change His mind.# It may not happen how you think it should or in the timeframe you think it will – but it will happen if you don”t give up on it.

“For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not delay.”#
– Habakkuk 2:3

So I wait.

Sometimes I think I”m waiting on God.# Much of the time I think God is waiting on me and my fat head. Most of the time I have no clue what”s the hold up and the reality is, it doesn”t matter! ##But one thing I know; I will come to vision.# Do you believe that for yourself and your God-given dreams?# I absolutely do.

I wait expectantly.
I wait patiently.
I wait with and for the Holy Spirit to do His work in me.
I wait with joy!

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