Juicing 101

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juicingBy Kimberly Fowler#

Every season a new health fad comes to the table, and this season it is juicing. We all know to eat our fruits and vegetables each day, but can we get away with drinking them now?

Although most of us are familiar with how to make a smoothie, juicing seems more complicated and should be left to Whole Foods to figure out, but that is not the case! You can be a juicing guru in no time once you know the basics. Happy Juicing!

#To Juice or Not To Juice
Drinking your fruits and vegetables is an easy way to make sure you get your necessary servings. Liquids are digested easily, so the antioxidants in the juice, which have been said to help with anything from immune disorders to high blood pressure, will be absorbed into your body quicker.

How to Start Juicing
Once you choose to start juicing, you can purchase bottled vegetable and fruit juices from shelves, but be wary of the sugar content and non-organic ingredients. Just because a juice claims to contain vegetables, it does not mean that”s all there is in it. You can also make your own juices at home, where you can control what is in your beverage.

Juicing Equipment
If you decide to make your own juice, it is a good idea to think about investing in a juicer. Most machines cost between $30 and $300 and give you a smoother product than using a regular blender. There are special juicers for the particular type of beverage you desire, so make sure to research before you purchase.

Think Before You Juice
Although juicing is a great way to get your servings in each day, it should not replace eating all your fruits and vegetables. You still should be eating two to three servings of vegetables and fruits throughout your day. Also, solely drinking juice is not recommended for healthy weight loss.

#What to Juice
There is no magic recipe for the best juice for you. Be creative and mix up fresh greens such as spinach, kale, or cucumbers with something sweet like carrots, apples, or beets. There are always recipes online to help you get started!

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