Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail and Facebook

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KeyboardAccording to Robertson McIlwain of the Berlin-based keyboard application company KeyRocket, “A person using a [keyboard] shortcut in lieu of a mouse action will save on average two seconds. That means someone working on a computer for eight hours will save around thirty minutes a day. That”s nearly six days a year.”## KeyRocket ( is a software application tool that will help you save time by intuiting, from your own keyboard use habits, shortcuts that could speed up your experience when using, for example, Gmail . When you perform actions using your mouse, KeyRocket will suggest available shortcuts.

To learn a few shortcuts for Gmail on your own, use this printable “cheat sheet”# list of frequently-used shortcuts: or

Facebook shortcuts depend on your Internet browser. The charts in the link below show shortcuts for different browsers as well as for Windows and Mac.


If you”re interested in adding emoticons to your Facebook posts, use these handy keyboard shortcuts:



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