Kids” Guide to Summer Fun

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Remember how the days seemed to last forever, and you thought summer had to be at least five months long? And what about all those grand plans you made? Plans to camp out in the backyard, go swimming, have your first sleepover? Brings back good memories, doesn’t it? Now it’s time to make some memories for your kids to treasure. So here are some great places to go and things to do when there’s a free day on the calendar this summer.


Go Climb a Tree
What child doesn’t like climbing a tree? In fact, they can probably tell you which trees in the backyard are best for sitting in, or at least trying to. At Tree Climber International in Atlanta, your child (and you too!) can take a class and learn how to climb using a rope and harness. A beginner class, appropriate for ages 5 and up, lasts from two to three hours. Upon arriving, knotted ropes will already be looped over the branches. Kids just have to do some warm-up exercises, slip into a harness and helmet and learn how to move the knots in sequence. Once up, they’ll learn how to tie a safety knot and descend safely. For more information about Tree Climber International, featured on the Today Show and Good Morning America, visit


Read a book
It’s raining outside, and you’re thinking if you hear “I’m bored” one more time, you’ll pull your hair out. Sounds like it’s time to pack everyone up, grab the raincoats and galoshes and hit the library. There’s a fascinating world inside those library walls and even if you’ve got preschoolers in tow, it’s never too early to start reading and learning. Little ones will love story time, character visits, puppet shows and craft time, and you’ll love a chance to sit and catch your breath! For more information, visit


Dive into the depths
Summer and swimming go hand-in- hand, and most kids take to the water like fishes. If you’ve got an older one that’s more adventurous, why not let them take scuba diving lessons? Gwinnett’s three aquatic centers at Bogan Park, Collins Hill Park and Mountain Park offer scuba diving programs. Collins Hill’s program is for ages 10 and up and the lesson fee includes learning and swim sessions as well as training aids and the tank. Kids just have to provide their personal gear. For more information on any of the parks’ programs, visit


Learn, and like it!
Ever wonder why Mayfield Dairy’s milk cartons are yellow? Or where milk goes after the cow? Get all the answers to your kids’ dairy questions on a tour of Braselton’s Mayfield Dairy. They’ll learn how the milk gets there, how it’s processed and see the enormous conveyer belts full of milk jugs. Best of all, it’s totally free! And they have the yummiest whopper-sized ice cream cones for only $1. Find out more at