Knowledge is Power

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Jerri MillerOne of the maxims I try to live by and impress upon my clients is “Knowledge is Power”. I am a logical and practical woman by nature so dealing with reality, facts and change is a relatively easy thing for me.

In my business I often work with women that are afraid they are not capable of fully understanding finances or investments. One of my strengths is helping them overcome that perception. Together we methodically analyze their present financial status. This process gives them the knowledge they need to have the confidence to move forward in making good decisions.

We are exposed to so much information today that it is easy to feel overwhelmed and procrastinate on actions that we know we need to take. Tackling those difficult tasks with an objective person can relieve the stress and the burden of going it alone. Once you have faced the reality of change and accepted it, you are empowered to put one foot in front of the other and take the first steps. You can assess the positives and opportunities for improvement. Now you have a roadmap for change. This philosophy is the foundation of my work with women going through life”s transitions. It can be applied to all aspects of life.

It is human nature to resist change but I believe it is our fear of the unknown that keeps us from looking at change as a good thing. I try to reframe change as an opportunity to create a new chapter in our lives where certain things can be even better than before, to identify things that we do not want in our lives anymore, and think about what our perfect life would look like.

The greatest privilege I have is to watch someone move from fear and uncertainty to conviction in their ability to navigate change and make it a positive experience.

J. Jerri Hewett, CFP
Certified Financial Planner
Wealth Horizon
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